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FMA+ LiveStream

For the past few weeks, four of our team members and one of our mentors started to prepare for a livestream with FIRST Mid Atlantic!

When it became more certain that the 2019-20 FIRST Robotics season had come to an end, FIRST Mid Atlantic started FMA+ Livestreams. In these livestreams, they reached out to teams in the FIRST Mid Atlantic region so that they could talk about what they accomplished this season, show off their bot, and more since so many teams couldn't do that at a competition. It definitely sparked some interest in our team, although it took a couple of weeks for us to establish who would participate in terms of mentors and students. Our final team working on this task was Venus (Co-Captain), Owen (Co-Captain, Zhao Gu(SubTeam Lead), Ryan (Student Mentor), and Joshua (Mentor).

This was the first time we made any media like this for our team! We did a lot planning behind the scenes from compiling information and cutting down the length of our material to editing and collecting media. We created an organization system that worked really well for us to make our Livestream the best it could be! After we had all of our information and notes, we had mock livestreams where we would go over what we were saying but only with the five of us working on this project. Soon, enough, it was time to record!

We are excited to see what our finished product looks like! We hope you join us on Saturday, June 20th, at 6pm EST to watch the episode of FMA+ that we're featured on!. We would love to see you show your support in the chat. Who knows, you might make a cameo! We encourage everyone to come and watch our team shine. The link to the livestream is:

You can also access the video after the livestream is over!

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