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2020 Season Suspended!

Amidst the chaos of COVID-19, FIRST Robotics has suspended its 2020 competition season. This means the season is on hold and FIRST is "working with event organizers and update our community on future plans."

We are of course devastated! We worked so hard on our robot this year, but we recognize the most important thing is for everyone to be safe. Our heart goes out to the teams that had not yet competed before the season was suspended. We were lucky to have at least had a chance to compete before this craziness ensued!

Although we are grieving over our season, we wanted to give a big, big thank you to everyone who supported us this year! We definitely felt the love from our school and sponsors this year more so than some of the years in the past and we are forever grateful for all of you. We also want to give a big shoutout to all the FIRST teams that are also trying to create a new normal and connect with their team while being confined in their homes.

Keep an eye out for us on social media! Since we can't connect in person, we will try our best to connect more there. We hope to interact with you online.

Please stay safe, healthy, sane, and stay inside!

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