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Simple Machines


Team 423, The Simple Machines participates in FIRST's Robotics Competition (FRC).  The Simple Machines was founded in 2006, combining teams from Cheltenham High School, Springfield High School (rookie year 2000), and Eastern Technical Institute. Over time, Eastern and Springfield have moved on to form their own teams in other robotics programs, and now the team solely represents Cheltenham High School. The team has ranged in size over the years, from more than thirty students to less than ten at times. We are currently looking at a team of approximately 30 students for the 2020 season. The adult mentors on the team are parents of students both current and graduated, teachers at CHS, parents and community members and engineers who graciously volunteer their time.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Simple Machines aim to encourage student involvement in STEAM and leadership while exposing them to real-world work environments. 

Vision Statement:

To  develop a passion for STEAM and instill a comfortability in leadership that high schoolers may harness to help them be successful in life once they graduate.



​Each school year, teams are formed in the fall. The FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff in early January starts the six-week "build" season. Competitions take place in March and April. The FIRST Robotics Competition Regional events are typically held in university arenas. They involve 40 to 70 teams cheered by thousands of fans over three days. District events are smaller, played in high school gyms, with ~35 teams over two days A championship event with the 600 best teams ends the season. Referees oversee the competition, and judges evaluate teams to present awards for design, technology, sportsmanship and commitment to FIRST. The Chairman’s Award is FIRST’s highest honor and recognizes a team that exemplifies the values of FIRST both in competition and in community outreach.

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